Resolutions 2022

ITC Resolution No. 22-02 - A Resolution Supporting Advance Appropriations for the Indian Health Service and Other Key Federal Funding Allocations to Indian Country
ITC Resolution No. 22-03 - A Resolution Supporting Oklahoma Legislation to Allow Tribes to Certify Teachers at Tribally-Operated Schools
ITC Resolution No. 22-04 - A Resolution Supporting Legislation to Grant the National American Indian Veterans, Inc., a Federal Charter
ITC Resolution No. 22-05 - A Resolution Supporting Cooperative Management of Wildlife Resources throughout the Reservation of the Five Civilized Tribes
ITC Resolution No. 22-06 - A Resolution Supporting the United Nations Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032) and U.N. Resolution 74/135
ITC Resolution No. 22-07 - A Resolution Urging the United States Department of Agriculture to immediately implement Section 1005 of the American Rescue Plan Act and forgive qualifying USDA loans to American Indian producers
ITC Resolution No. 22-08 - A Resolution Urging the United States Department of Transportation to Release Funds Allocated to Indian Country in the Infrastructure Law
ITC Resolution No. 22-09 - A Resolution Urging the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to Hold Formal Tribal Consultations on Proposed Closures of VA Health Clinics that are located on tribal reservations
ITC Resolution No. 22-13 - A Resolution Supporting Efforts to Promote Truth, Justice and Healing by a Full Investigation of the Indian Boarding School Era
ITC Resolution No. 22-14 - A Resolution Opposing Federal or State Recognition of Groups that Claim to be Tribal Nations by Circumventing the Office of Federal Acknowledgement
ITC Resolution No. 22-16 - A Resolution Supporting Patrice Kunesh's Nomination as Commissioner for the Administration for Native Americans, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
ITC Resolution No. 22-17 - A Resolution Calling on the Bureau of Indian Affairs to Promptly Allocate McGirt-Related Funding to the Six Tribes Impacted by the McGirt Decision
ITC Resolution No. 22-18 - A Resolution Supporting the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 and of the five Intervenor Tribes in the Supreme Court Case of Brackeen v. Haaland
ITC Resolution No. 22-19 - A Resolution Urging the Oklahoma Legislature to repeal House Bill 1775
ITC Resolution No. 22-20 - A Resolution Supporting HHS Making Permanent Telehealth Flexibilities and Reimbursement Rates for Telehealth
ITC Resolution No. 22-21 - A Resolution Supporting the United States National Park Services Expansion of the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park to form a New National Park and Preserve
ITC Resolution No. 22-22 - A Resolution Supporting Recovering America's Wildlife Act Tribal Set-Aside Funding